5th Meetup (29 July)

Attendees: Leif, Cathy, Aodhan, Nattu, Tee Ke Yeng

Great news. We are moving to Discord!šŸŽ‰šŸ„³

Chat Transcript

11:07:20 From Leif Latiff : Nocodeasia is moving to Discord! 11:07:33 From Aodhan : :D 11:14:54 From Leif Latiff : https://scrimba.com/ <ā€” cool learning to code platform 11:15:47 From Catherine Raffaele : Hi Nattu! 11:16:42 From Aodhan : Theres a lot of great udemy courses if you're looking to learn code 11:22:12 From Aodhan : here's a great low code tutorial, ania is a great teacher, she teaches javascrip on her own channel too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skq7E2xS1Bo&t=98s 11:22:28 From Aodhan : Ania is a scrimba teacher too 11:25:28 From Aodhan : https://twitter.com/ania_kubow 11:27:40 From FETIAS : wow 11:31:17 From Nattu Adnan : https://www.mylifebook.com/leaders/gracekim 11:33:58 From Nattu Adnan : https://lottiefiles.com/course 11:34:11 From Nattu Adnan : https://lottiefiles.com/what-is-lottie 11:37:25 From Catherine Raffaele : https://knowyourteam.com/m/manager_learning_path 11:40:19 From Nattu Adnan : https://lottiefiles.com/integrations 11:40:40 From Nattu Adnan : https://lottiefiles.com/svg-to-lottie 11:42:08 From Nattu Adnan : https://iconscout.com/ 11:51:32 From FETIAS : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/screenity-screen-recorder/kbbdabhdfibnancpjfhlkhafgdilcnji?hl=en

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