1st Meetup (1 July)

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Chat Transcript

11:18:14 From Catherine Raffaele : https://courses.brillup.com/ 11:27:50 From He Shiying : that’s so exciting Catherine :) 11:29:53 From Felix Wong : https://lu.ma/ 11:30:41 From Leif Latiff : Nocodeasia.com 11:35:27 From Jason McFeetors : https://lowdefy.com/ 11:36:20 From Jason McFeetors : https://n8n.io 11:37:19 From Catherine Raffaele : https://www.softr.io/ 11:37:51 From Leif Latiff : Https://www.leiflatiff.com 11:37:59 From Leif Latiff : Https://www.nocodeasia.com 11:38:08 From Leif Latiff : Https://www.nocodemalaysia.com 11:39:01 From Felix Wong : https://www.abstractlab.co/ :) 11:40:21 From Jason McFeetors : https://mattermost.com/ 11:41:56 From Jason McFeetors : I built an Airtable backed meal tracking app for a company using n8n 11:42:39 From Felix Wong : https://www.stackerhq.com/ ? 11:44:02 From Catherine Raffaele : https://www.glideapps.com/ 11:45:26 From Jason McFeetors : https://formbuilder.online/ 11:48:58 From Lucas Hakewill : share links please! 11:49:01 From Lucas Hakewill : :) 11:50:52 From Yi-Hui Chan : https://www.vsjo.xyz/ 11:51:09 From Jason McFeetors : Here is my complete collection of open source building tools: https://www.notion.so/tephlon/bf7ebcf0c2ce4232a3e02aaf6a66a064?v=cdefa6343c3c49de8b3e53a2af9d81be 11:52:20 From Lucas Hakewill : I prefer weekdays 11:52:45 From Lucas Hakewill : Unless we do a longer build sprint on a Saturday? 11:53:00 From Yi-Hui Chan : What about weekday nights? 11:55:41 From Lucas Hakewill : Either is good :) 11:56:29 From Yi-Hui Chan : A mix is good! Twitter spaces would be more accessible to more people 11:57:44 From Amir R : Sorry I'll have to drop off for a work meeting. I'll catch up with Leif if anything. Great work guys and nice meeting you all! 11:57:53 From Lucas Hakewill : I need to run , thanks so much Cathy, Leif and everyone (except Vince)! 12:00:18 From He Shiying : definitely! 12:07:22 From He Shiying : as someone new to the scene-i like felix’s idea of starting out with a small community that where builders can reach out to each other for reliable support. though i have a question: there’s such a diversity of no-code tools out there- how might a small community be able to help each other?

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