Pory Learning Resources

Here are some resources that will help you learn how to build with Pory and Airtable.

Introduction to Building with Pory

This video gives you an overview of the 4 main steps to building with Pory (it's that simple!)
  1. Come up with your idea
  1. Set up your data in Airtable
  1. Design your front-end interface in Pory
  1. Power up with integrations! (This step is optional)

Pory Resources

A great place to start is Pory's Getting Started articles:
Then if you need any more help, check Pory's documentations

Pory Tutorials and Examples

How to create an automated job board
How to create a Members Portal (this one is super cool!)
How to create a recipe website
How to create a craft beer directory

Airtable Resources

If you're new to Airtable, check out their Get started Faster video:
For anything else, check the Airtable documentation:
If you want some more in-depth training, here a free course on Udemy:
Here are more Airtable guides and resources:

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